What we’re here for

Through the glass of my window a grey autumn day draws to a close. There’s no drama or grandeur to this gentle fading of the suburban skyline – the clouds are muted brush-strokes rather than anything more ornate – but it’s a peaceful scene. Meanwhile, as dusk closes in, something new germinates on this side of the window pane. This blog, which has long been a seed of an idea on the breeze of my intentions, lands, and takes root in a quiet corner of the internet.

I’m going to write about what interests me. A pretty uncontentious aim, but what does it mean?

I’m interested in beauty, exploration, understanding and self-knowledge. I strive to better understand myself and others. I want to understand how other people see the world, and to figure out how I see it. For whatever reason, I’m becoming more aware of beauty in the world around me. I’m excited by that which is new and different. So far at least, I’ve found that being open to new things makes one’s experiences more varied and profound in the long run, and can lead to fresh understandings and radically changed perspectives.

This blog exists to communicate some of what I find on my wanderings. I’m keen on doing something like this for a living – or at least something approximating it. I like finding something new, understanding it, and telling people about it. I like thinking about things in new ways. In less gentle prose: I enjoy research, analysis and presentation. As a recent graduate, I’m hoping to make a career out of doing this; right now my aspirations are focused on the media. This blog is a way of honing some of the skills I’ll need, as well as an outlet for this impulse whilst no-one’s paying me to do so.

I’ll aim to get a post out each week. The prism through which we’re looking will vary from time to time, but we’ll probably see reflections on music, culture, history, and PC gaming. If there’s something new that takes my interest, you’ll hear about it.

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