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Obedience in Gaming – Reflections on Bioshock and Bioshock 2

If you haven’t yet played both Bioshock games, please be aware that the following article is intended for players who have completed them, and so contains spoilers throughout. The original Bioshock was a gorgeous, vibrant exploration of a undersea dystopia. … Continue reading

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Music review: The Gathering – Mandylion

It can take time to properly understand an album, however great it is. At first I found The Gathering‘s Mandylion album (1995, Century Media) almost exhausting to listen to, as each track was so weighty I’d burn myself out before … Continue reading

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How to measure happiness, and a few thoughts on achieving it. Reflections on the economics of well-being

I recently came across an academic article looking at well-being and happiness, attempting to measure them as we would a statistic like GDP, in order to help us make judgements on the state of the economy and society. Following on … Continue reading

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How to discover a new continent

The period before 1500 saw a transformation in the the way that Europeans understood the shape of the world. They set foot for the first time on the Canary Islands, Azores and Americas, and wrote about what they saw. They … Continue reading

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Reflections on the most powerful moments of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; on disrupted narratives

Gaming is starting to come of age. Works like Braid, Heavy Rain or Bioshock show a real engagement with the interactive medium and its unique creative possibilities. Soon enough reviewers will stop focusing parochially on mechanics and start talking more … Continue reading

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