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Why we need to change how we think about mental health

The way that most of us understand mental health isn’t doing anyone any favours. All too often, we cordon off people with mental illness as removed from the community of the ‘normal’. By doing this, we assert that only this … Continue reading

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Why I love Heavy Rain: an exploration of the game and my choices

At the end of one glorious summer’s day I stayed up all night playing Heavy Rain with my friends. This was one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life, and I want to say a few words about … Continue reading

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Sampling Hip-Hop through O.C.’s ‘Word…Life’

When trying to understand a culture, whether in the present or in the past, it can be difficult to determine the level of influence of certain ideas, or to the significance of certain creative works. Hip-hop overcomes a lot of … Continue reading

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Gamers prepare for the apocalypse: Why we can’t stop thinking about the end of the world, and why developers should start listening to our fears.

When the nuclear holocaust finally happens, I want to be face the future with a bunker full of gamers. Not just because an end-of-the-world LAN party in an underground vault would be a truly epic occasion, but because gamers are … Continue reading

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How Minecraft taught me to dream

We’ll start with a confession: I don’t have much of an imagination. When it comes to spontaneous story-telling, thinking up party costumes, or having fun in a sandbox game (one in which the player can freely explore and interact with … Continue reading

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