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How I improved my CS50x problem set 0 game

I was quite pleased with the game I made for problem set 0. The one thing I wasn’t happy with was the player movement, which was very fiddly and certainly not smooth. I shared the game on twitter, and midway … Continue reading

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Week 0 of edX’s CS50X – what I learned and my thoughts on the experience

I’m keeping a record of my experiences on CS50x – a free, online class on the edXplatform, teaching basic computer science. I have some basic programming experience (I’ve completed coursera’s CS101, am 6/7 through udacity’s CS101, and did a few problem … Continue reading

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Why I went on Slutwalk

Last week I took part in London’s Slutwalk. The movement started back in 2011 in response to the comments of a Toronto police officer who suggested that to stay safe, “women should avoid dressing like sluts.” Here’s my attempt to understand … Continue reading

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Open source and open access learning resources – 14 September 2012 #digped discussion

What exactly does “open” mean? IMO, OA refers only to the ability to access the article, open source is more comprehensive, b/c you can do stuff w/ code/text. #digped Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google … Continue reading

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I’m trying to plan my next MOOC but all this learning gets in the way. Reflections on the MOOCMOOC and where I go next

Since taking this month’s MOOCMOOC, I’ve been trying to plan my next online course; but all the learning that has emerged from the network I created during that week has changed my focus. The MOOCMOOC was my first taste of … Continue reading

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What is a MOOC? What are the different types of MOOC? xMOOCs and cMOOCs

The acronym “MOOC” has been in vogue recently, with lots of discussion about organisations like udacity, coursera and edX. The acronym stands for “Massive Open Online Course.” These organisations provide one interpretation of the MOOC model. They focus on concise, targeted video content – with … Continue reading

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My assessment of my experience of the MOOCMOOC so far. Or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the MOOC”

As a voluntary, non-certified, individual (yet massively networked!) learning experience, I feel that I’m probably the only person in a position to assess how I’m getting on in the MOOCMOOC so far. In this post I reflect on how I’ve … Continue reading

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Moving from institutional pedagogy to connectivist learning

I’d like to suggest that the institutional and connectivist models could flow in to each other, perhaps as part of a larger online learning ecosystem. I do think that there are times when a more institutional model make sense. I think … Continue reading

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Why I’m taking the MOOC MOOC and what I hope to achieve

Today is the start of a particularly exciting massive open online course. Distinct from other ‘mooc’s, this course focuses on consideration of the medium itself. So the course is a meta-mooc: a week-long exploration of open online learning. I think … Continue reading

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Review of the Coursera Human Computer Interaction Course

I’ve now finished the Coursera Human Computer Interaction Course. As I await my final grade, I reflect on my experience, on the statistics on student numbers, and on how the platform can develop. It’s been a wonderfully wide-ranging course, spanning … Continue reading

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