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10 Essential tips for Minecraft adventurers

I’ve played Minecraft for more hours than I can easily count. During this time I’ve come up against most of the problems that players will encounter. Here I share a few pointers that might be of help. I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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Beyond Good and Evil? Alignments and Morality in Dungeons and Dragons

“What alignment are you?” As opening questions go, this is one of the best I’ve been asked. “Chaotic good” was my instant response, confidently taking a seat on the sofa. I was visiting a friend at university, and the question … Continue reading

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How commuting rekindled my love of fiction

Somewhere in my mid-teens, something went wrong. Ironically, the forces promoting my ever-increasing literacy rendered me unable to read. That sounds quite dramatic, so let me explain what I mean. As a result of my education I became better able … Continue reading

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The art gallery of the future, and why we must digitize art

Well, that took long enough. This week the Google Art Project was launched, with the aim of digitizing the contents of seventeen major art galleries. Through integration with the Streetview technology it’s possible to go on a virtual tour through … Continue reading

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